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Mental Health

“I feel … as sharp as I’ve ever been,” remarked a pensive 24-year-old Chris Borland. Having barely begun his NFL career, the San Francisco 49ers linebacker looked back on his two prior concussions and saw a future devastated by degenerative brain disease and an end before his time. On Monday, March 17, 2015, the promising Read more

Elderly senior man resting his head on his hands

Loneliness is a common emotion when someone feels alone, separated from others or unsupported and distressed. It’s often transient. But loneliness that becomes persistent causes accelerated aging with multiple health consequences, including conditions that lead to death. Studies, including one published in March by Brigham Young University researchers, suggest that loneliness, isolation and living alone Read more

I am wearing my favorite scrubs, the teal ones a friend gave to me while I was volunteering in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake. My first-year classmates and I are in front of the anatomy lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, waiting to see our cadaver for the first time. Our group enters Read more

The mysteries associated with missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and with the recent sinking of a South Korean ferry serve as a reminder that uncertainty, especially when accompanied by tragedy, can itself be traumatic. The reaction of family members to the disappearance of 239 passengers and crew members on board flight 370, and to the Read more

Danger has threatened our lives since the dawn of time. Nature has given all creatures mechanisms to ward off and fight danger and keep safe. The key is to have an accurate perception of a threat and an appropriate response to it. However, in today’s hyper-connected, “always on” environment, some of our mechanisms can backfire Read more

Once again, every parent and child from Newtown, CT—as well as the rest of America—has to face the immediate and horrific impact of senseless gun violence. The tragic events at the Sandy Hook elementary school have many parents searching for ways to explain the massacre to their children and prevent them from being paralyzed by Read more