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Women’s Health

upturned palm holding the word "gratitude"

In my family, as in many others, during the holiday season we volunteer at soup kitchens and purchase gifts to donate to children who might otherwise have none for Christmas. It’s our way of expressing our gratitude. This got me thinking about gratitude in the face of developmental disability. Daily life is often difficult for Read more

“What do we want? Data! When do we want it? Forever!” “When I say peer, you say review! Peer! Review! Peer! Review!” Those chants went up at the Women’s March in January. They’re likely to be heard again at the March for Science that will take place on Saturday. But the chants were likely inspired by an open Read more

Couple receiving bad news from doctor

Editors’ Note: In May 2015, Einstein researchers released findings from a national survey that showed a wide disparity in perceptions about the incidence of miscarriage. Most respondents believed it was rare—occurring in about 6 percent of all pregnancies. The reality is that one in four pregnancies—25 percent—ends in miscarriage. In about half the cases, no Read more

Sad Woman on edge of bed with her partner in the background

Thankfully, many medical conditions that once were never discussed in public, such as cancer, AIDS and even infertility, have largely shed their stigma and sense of secrecy. Miscarriage holds an unusual place in medicine in being both common and something that many in society thinks is rare. One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage and there Read more

Young woman using an asthma inhaler

Here’s a young woman in my office, the third appointment of the day for me. She’s in her second trimester of pregnancy; maybe she hasn’t seen a doctor since she graduated from her own pediatrician a few years ago. She thinks of herself as healthy, and she is, except that when we start talking, it Read more

I get an hour to teach Albert Einstein College of Medicine third-year students a formal lecture in obstetrics during their six-week rotations, so I cram in a lot of information during that session. Of course, I spend more time with them informally; we see patients together on labor and delivery, or in clinic at Montefiore Read more