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Welcome to The Doctor’s Tablet from Albert Einstein College of Medicine about  medical education, research and health policy.

This blog, written primarily by our faculty, staff and students provides a space for our authors to share observations and insights from the front lines of medicine and translational research. They provide  a unique glimpse into how the students are taught, diagnosis are made,  patients are treated,  therapies are developed and what it takes to provide quality, compassionate health care.

About the Editors 

The Doctor’s Tablet is co-edited by Gordon Earle, associate dean for communications and public affairs, and David Flores, social media manager.

Comments Policy

We encourage civil, spirited discussions. Please be aware that we’ll remove or refrain from posting spam or any messages that we find insulting, including posts that:

  • Contain obscene, indecent or profane language
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Contact Us

If you have questions about The Doctor’s Tablet, please feel free to email us at socialmedia@einsteinmed.edu.

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