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By your first week of graduate school, you’ve heard the word “orientation” so many times that it has become synonymous with “beginning.” In truth, your graduate school orientation is a moment of acclimation and discovery, filled with excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. At my Einstein orientation, I remember being excited about the shift in my career Read more

Shot of two young scientists using a computer while conducting medical research in a laboratory

As a clinical pathologist I have been fortunate over the years to encounter many Einstein medical students in diverse settings—“career speed dating,” lectures, didactic small groups, and even pathology rotations. They are invariably surprised when I describe both my career path and the scope of my daily clinical practice. That surprise often stems from misunderstandings Read more

Medical educatior in white coat. She sits with students on either side of her. Foreground is back of two students heads.

EDITORS’ NOTE: The following post first appeared in MedPage Today. The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will undoubtedly restrict the reproductive healthcare that many physicians can provide. Critically, it will also threaten the clinical knowledge and skills of the next generation of physicians. As medical students, we firmly believe that any comprehensive reproductive health Read more

Photo of hikers walking in woods with backs to camera on sunny fall day.

It was as perfect a day for a hike in New York in late November could be with clear, blue skies, a crisp winter chill, and leaves of different colors and shades slowly falling to the ground. I and a few Einstein classmates were joining members of the Special Olympics NY Hiking Club for their Read more

young man teaching diverse group of young students

What does it mean to be a scientist? This is a question I have struggled with for quite a long time. As a young and somewhat naïve undergraduate student, I used to think that the simple act of coming to the bench and designing and performing (sometimes beautiful, but quite often clumsy) experiments was a Read more

Small group of hospital staff in gowns and masks hugging on hospital ward

Editors’ Note:  At the 2021 graduation ceremony for Montefiore’s Moses-Weiler Internal Medicine program, graduate Omar Moussa, M.D. shared a poem about the extraordinary circumstances his class faced due to COVID-19. What follows is that poem, titled, “Graduation 2021 – Monte Made.” Where else can we start but with the elephant in the room, An elephant morphed Read more