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Boy holding his mother's hand

One day I received a call in the office from someone seeking to make a documentary on individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) transitioning to the workforce. The caller wanted to know if I had patients who might be interested in participating. I thought for a moment: It had been a typical week in my Read more

Dr. Lisa Shulman - Still from Baby and Toddler Milestones video

When I was much younger and trying to decide what to do with my life, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. That changed the day my high school civics class held a mock trial and I was selected as the “prosecutor.” Almost immediately, I discovered I didn’t have the makeup to be a Read more

In November, while reading the first accounts of the association between the Zika virus and congenital microcephaly, I immediately thought of Sir Norman McAlister Gregg. And while thinking of Dr. Gregg and all that’s happened since he made his important observation in 1941, I hoped that we could learn from our past. In the spring Read more

Doctor writing notes about child

Many people recall precisely where they were and what they were doing when a shocking event took place. Time seems to stop as if to allow us the opportunity to process the unthinkable, and the details appear clearly, as if on a screen in your mind. Two weeks ago I experienced such a moment, when the Read more

Toddler pointing while standing in playground

After 25 years as a developmental pediatrician, I think I have earned the right to claim a favorite developmental milestone. Certainly, the first smiles of a two- to three-month-old are quite special, the first signs of “life” so to speak. Of course, first steps and then the first words really grab the spotlight, warranting phone Read more

Wooden box overflowing with toys

As I have been known to say on this blog once or twice before, one of my favorite things about being a developmental pediatrician at Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center is the opportunity to follow the children I see for initial diagnostic evaluation over the long term. New research presented at Read more