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Emergency Medicine

No one else I encountered during my third year of medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine struck me quite like this patient. He was propped up in the hospital bed, gasping impossibly for air, with not a hint of relief in sight. A harrowing whistle of pain escaped his lips and wove its Read more

A new study poses one of the most vexing ethical questions concerning research with human beings: When is it acceptable to conduct research without the consent of the research subject? In emergency situations, patients often arrive at the hospital unconscious or with severely impaired decision-making capacity. Progress in medical practice depends on results from carefully Read more

For five weeks in the summer of 2013, I had the incredible opportunity to live, work and immerse myself in the culture of Chennai, India. Upon arrival, I was a bit overwhelmed. This really is a “developing” country. Despite the booming Indian economy, the local infrastructure appeared lacking. A common sight: the sick and homeless Read more

Mr. Johnson first met his internist, Dr. Rogers, when he had a sinus infection and needed a primary care physician. He returned to see her months later when she helped counsel him to quit smoking, and then yearly for checkups. When he was 40 years old and was troubled by a bout of depression, she Read more

This post is part of a series developed in conjunction with the Career Advisory Program of Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Office of Student Affairs. I love my job. I am one of those lucky persons who truly enjoys his work after more than 15 years of practice. Recently, the National Match Day results showed Read more

Television frequently shows scenes of crowds around the world protesting. Masses of people gather, usually peacefully, to express displeasure. As we’ve seen recently in Syria and other regions, interactions between the crowds and the authorities can turn bloody or even deadly. Closer to home, the Occupy Movement demonstrations have occasionally led to similar issues, though the scale Read more