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Child's hands reaching up

It was the boy who was unable to speak who ended up teaching me the most. I was seeing patients in the epilepsy clinic at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore during my neurology rotation as part of my fourth-year training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The attending physician with whom I was working, an Read more

Pediatrician examines child

Editors’ Note: This week is Match Week, the long-awaited yearly event when graduating medical students across the country learn if they match to a residency program and, if so, where they’ve been accepted. Earlier this week, we heard from a student who matched in January. In this post, we hear from a student gripped by suspense over Read more

No one else I encountered during my third year of medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine struck me quite like this patient. He was propped up in the hospital bed, gasping impossibly for air, with not a hint of relief in sight. A harrowing whistle of pain escaped his lips and wove its Read more

The blisteringly cold and windy November Sunday of the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon felt like any other day in my life as a third-year medical student. I arose before sunlight and journeyed to a new, unfamiliar place to await its start. Staten Island—the hub of enlivened, eager participants at the beginning of the Read more

Bioethics is not about technology. This is a controversial statement, since bioethicists are often invited to comment on new issues at the interface of technology and health. We comment on gene therapy, on big data and medical research, on the use of advanced imaging techniques in the courtroom. But the questions we address are not Read more