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Okay. Admit it. You check e-mails or post to Facebook or Twitter just before you hit the sack; read or play games on a digital device in bed; and probably even sleep with your smartphone so you don’t miss any texts. Being “always on, always available” has become the norm in the 24/7 digital world Read more

A recent British Medical Journal article featured this stunning statistic: A prescription for just a few sleeping pills annually was associated with a risk of dying—from any cause—that was 3.6 times higher than for patients without a sleeping-pill prescription. That rate actually jumped to 5.32 times if more than 152 doses per year were prescribed Read more

What does a good night’s sleep look and sound like? For parents, especially those of young children, that is not as simple a question as it might seem. Sleep difficulties in adults have been linked to a host of medical conditions and problems, including psychiatric problems and heart disease. And as adults we all know Read more