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“It’s a very insidious, beneath-the-radar-screen public health emergency…. [F]unction is being considerably impaired…[but] that doesn’t attract as much attention as a death rate.” (Dr. Anthony Fauci interview about long COVID, October 2022) I scanned Robbins Auditorium on Rose F. Kennedy (RFK) Center Day. I noted few masks; mine was the only N95. With the announced Read more

I was asked the other day by an informatician (who is not a patient of mine) what role “touch” plays in medicine. What can I, as a physician, learn from touching a patient that cannot be acquired in some other way—for example, via chart review, screen or glance, stethoscope or digital imaging, or any of Read more

Shot of two young scientists using a computer while conducting medical research in a laboratory

As a clinical pathologist I have been fortunate over the years to encounter many Einstein medical students in diverse settings—“career speed dating,” lectures, didactic small groups, and even pathology rotations. They are invariably surprised when I describe both my career path and the scope of my daily clinical practice. That surprise often stems from misunderstandings Read more

EDITORS’ NOTE: The following post first appeared earlier this year in Psychiatric News, a publication of the American Psychiatric Association. Recent months have brought more anguish to this country. We have lost good and generous neighbors shopping for groceries in Buffalo. Teachers and young children celebrating the end of a school year in Uvalde, Texas, have been Read more

closeup image of hand opening black car door

The most extraordinary morning of my life took place because of a young stranger in a green track suit and a catchy ’80s rock hit. As I was preparing for an extra shift at the Montefiore urgent care center, where I work in the Bronx, my day started with my usual hustle: squeezing in the Read more

young man teaching diverse group of young students

What does it mean to be a scientist? This is a question I have struggled with for quite a long time. As a young and somewhat naïve undergraduate student, I used to think that the simple act of coming to the bench and designing and performing (sometimes beautiful, but quite often clumsy) experiments was a Read more