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Myths and Misunderstandings about Autism Spectrum Disorders

Changes in the past few months to the definition of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have led to speculation and confusion. Hoping to shed much-needed light on the revised classification, developmental pediatrician Lisa Shulman answered questions about ASD on a Twitter chat organized by Everyday Health. Dr. Shulman is director of the Rehabilitation, Evaluation & Learning for Autistic Infants and Toddlers program at Einstein and regularly assesses and treats children with ASD.

This Twitter chat garnered strong attention—as evidenced by more than 60 new followers to our Twitter feed the day of the chat. However, the complex nature of ASD and the sensitivities surrounding it might have created hesitancy on the part of the audience to participate directly.

We’re providing the attached Storify transcript of the chat, hoping it will help others.

Learn more about the causes, latest treatments, myths and misunderstandings surrounding ASD. If you have questions after reading it, be sure to speak in the comments section below.

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