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Autism Chat: Research, Treatment and Trends

John Foxe and Michelle Dunn

Those caring for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders face myriad decisions in a rapidly changing world of theories and clinical developments.

It’s a lot to take in.

To help provide clarity about advances in autism research and treatment, two experts in the field joined an Autism Awareness Month Twitter chat earlier this week hosted by Everyday Health.

Lending their expertise: John Foxe, Ph.D. professor of pediatrics and of neuroscience and director of research for Einstein’s Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center and pediatric neuropsychologist and neurophysiologist Michelle A. Dunn, Ph.D., director of clinical services at the Montefiore Autism Center.

Response to this chat was robust as Everyday Health shared questions from its community, augmented by comments and queries from the afternoon Twitter audience.  Check out the attached Storify transcript to stay up to date on latest in autism.  Questions? Comments? Share them in the comments below.


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