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Welcoming Einstein’s M.D. Class of 2018

Professor having discussion with med studentsMed school orientation is here again! How can it be happening so soon? Even though I’ve been at this now for decades (yes, decades), the same questions play out in my head: Do we have everything ready? What will this class be like? How will it do academically? How will it adjust to life at med school, and to life in the Bronx?

It does seem to those of us who are on the faculty and in educational administration that these major events—orientation, graduation, transition ceremony and the many other milestones with which the academic calendar is punctuated—come around sooner than we expect.

It is also a well-accepted adage that each class has a conglomerate personality that differentiates it from those that have come before. Some are, as a group, polite and attentive; others classes are rather “laid back,” even seemingly cavalier. Despite these discernible group dynamics, each class has the full spectrum of learners, from those who may, at first, struggle before finding their paths to those who seem to roar off the launching pad from the first days.

The fortunate element that eventually promotes success for our students is the strong communal ethic of Einstein and the vast resources available to encourage each student to attain his or her goals. The faculty and more-senior students are extremely approachable and concerned for the welfare of the “newbies.” You will feel supported here whether you’re a high-octane type A or a relaxed type B.

Med school orientation is here again. We do have everything ready. This class, like those before it, will flourish at Einstein and in the Bronx.

Welcome to you all. It will be our great pleasure as faculty and educational administrators to guide, advise and assist you in your amazing journey to becoming physicians.

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