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A Doctor’s Passion and Influence: From Haiti to Einstein and Beyond

Roger Duvivier (standing), as a student at Einstein

Roger Duvivier (standing), as a student at Einstein

There are certain people who enrich lives, shape careers and inspire excellence.

Einstein’s Dr. Roger Duvivier is one of those people.

From his upbringing in Haiti, Duvivier grew from a young man with a dream—who knew almost no English when he came to the U.S. at age 18—into an accomplished obstetrician/gynecologist, mentor and global health advocate. He graduated from Einstein in 1974 and went on to hold academic and clinical posts at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, its University Hospital.

During his 40-year career, he has shown extraordinary leadership as a teacher, mentor and guide for students. His work for aid organizations in Guatemala has helped improve the detection of cervical cancer—a leading killer of women in that country.

Read more about Dr. Duvivier’s inspiring journey as a physician and global health leader.

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