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Sharing Hard-Learned Lessons from the Frontline of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Liise-Anne Pirofski, M.D., talks to Theresa Madaline, M.D.In early March, the surge in COVID-19 cases made the Bronx the epicenter of the global pandemic. The critical months that followed would shape not only the delivery of healthcare in New York, but around the country and world. Montefiore and Einstein physicians, researchers, and other healthcare professionals were central to that effort.

Now, as other communities grapple with an increase of COVID-19 cases, two Montefiore and Einstein physician-scientists reflect on their experiences and share what they learned with other healthcare providers in a new video series from Montefiore called Frontline Lessons.

In the first collection of videos, Liise-anne Pirofski, M.D., chief of infectious diseases at Einstein and Montefiore, talks to Theresa Madaline, M.D., hospital epidemiologist at Montefiore and associate professor, medicine (infectious diseases) at Einstein, about what it was like to overcome the enormous challenges posed by this new and deadly disease.

The four-episodes series covers a range of topics, including: communicating accurately and completely about rapidly evolving disease prevention and treatment policies; launching clinical trials during a deadly outbreak; providing quality testing for patients; and the importance of creating and maintaining a supportive work environment.

Be sure to watch all the episodes in this first collection. This is the first installment of Frontline Lessons, which will become a regular series on a variety of topics featuring Montefiore and Einstein physicians, researchers, and other healthcare providers. You can find the videos on YouTube at or watch the entire playlist below.

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